What snacks bridge chop

as a food and beverage business investors generally prefer to choose the form of the chain to start their own food and beverage business. Choose a recognized, high evaluation of the brand, so as to ensure a good business. The bridge ribs legend originated in the Ming Dynasty Hongwu years, because Xu Da Zhongshan Wang in Qinhuangdao a chance encounter and famous, and left his inscription: Bridge ribs, the reputation of shanhaiguan. Bridge ribs is still a famous snack in Qinhuangdao.

bridge ribs is headquartered in the beautiful coastal city of snacks in Qinhuangdao — the origin of the treasures by the Great Wall, enjoy Shanhaiguan has "the best in all the land" reputation: Xin Sheng company’s "bridge ribs snacks" and "the best in all the land off the same age, called the Ming Dynasty in Zhongshan Wang Xu Da discovered and named the fathers. Qinhuangdao Xin Sheng Restaurant Management Co., the company’s main catering marketing and services, with a hundred years old and years of profit store based on the dining catering made and new project development, food delicacy packaging, investment promotion, catering business planning, investment consulting as one of the large chain catering enterprises.

bridge ribs snacks pushed products are based on a century old shop, after years of market operation and shop line associates, has become a rookie in the restaurant industry. Set the strength of its products, once launched by the country for fame, quickly became the most popular delicious cuisines.

bridge ribs snacks secret material containing nearly 20 kinds of Chinese herbal formula. The bone nutrition, Qi and blood, enhance immunity, ages. Eat not lose, no annual off-season business, more than 30 kinds of bridge ribs secret materials, ultra precision collocation, grinding into powder, and with private micro manipulation, peers are indispensable, difficult to imitate, to enjoy the delicious wealth.

Chinese sent into their diet, vast territory and abundant resources, the bridge as a faction of pork snacks, taste, taste and unique characteristics of diners have applauded! The bridge has nearly 7 ribs snack products, hundreds of kinds of special delicacy. Therefore, the bridge can meet the majority of pork ribs diners, open shop hot profit!

on the bridge to join the details of the ribs, you can give us a message, see the message will have staff contact you, tell you more information.

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