What are the measures of customer response bargain

, as a normal phenomenon in the commercial market, can be applied to any transaction. In short, bargain buyers and sellers in the transaction process is a normal phenomenon, the buyer wants to purchase at a lower price, the seller prices to higher profits sold, both due to different roles, different positions, are not wrong.

as businesses profit is the purpose, so long as the customers consumption, we must treat the customer, for the customer bargain to clever response, It differs from man to man. adopted piecemeal, commodities, so how to make customers can feel the bargain buy value, not their own money?

first, to analyze the mentality of bargain customers. Through nearly ten years of experience in the cabinet, experienced numerous customer bargaining situation. I cut the price of customers into the following four categories. A kind of customary bargain type. This kind of customers in the shopping, the bargain as a pleasure, regardless of the value of the commodity level, have to do a lot of bargaining, even if it is cheaper to buy a penny he will be very happy, very sense of accomplishment.

second is worried about being slaughtered. The customers would have to be careful when buying goods, especially in terms of price, for fear of being slaughtered, even if you give the purchase price, he also believes that he be cheated. The third category is rational bargain type. The customers in the bargain, according to the total value of shopping and buy many different types of goods and businesses to bargain, such as commodity wholesale price of cigarettes, alcohol and other more transparent, generally cut is not outrageous, both sides can accept. The fourth category is irrational bargain type. This kind of customers in the bargain shopping, more impulsive, no matter what the commodity prices down to you, not to sell him to leave immediately.

second, since mastered the mentality and type of bargain customers, can adopt the coping style, adopted piecemeal. Is the so-called friends, before being victorious. For different types of customers, I mainly take the following four strokes:


. For habitual bargain type customers, not the commodity price step – down, like a tube of toothpaste, according to the customer’s response, step by step to the decline in commodity prices, until he feels right, but it is not a business, can be traded. This recruit key point is to make sure the price, not the price, otherwise you will not be able to meet the customer’s heart needs to bargain.

white crane wing. This is mainly to deal with the fear of being killed type of bargain customers. Such customers have always been skeptical about your price, even if it is the lowest price, he is still worried about not enough to buy. At this point, I will come up with other customer orders, to make it clear that the price of my newspaper is not inflated, and is equally, to dispel their doubts.

earth move. I like to talk business with third types of bargain customers. The performance of such customers in the price of non –

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