Electricity supplier entrepreneurship five new models

electricity supplier entrepreneurship has become a hot topic, but not all of the electricity supplier entrepreneurs can be successful, Xiao Bian here to introduce five new business model for the electricity supplier for your reference.

2012 is a very tragic year vertical electricity supplier. In the high cost of access to the flow of money, the capital market downturn in the environment, many of the vertical electricity supplier dismal collapse, such as the field of buy 24 coupons. More vertical electricity supplier to choose the transformation or mergers and acquisitions, such as the red child was Suning mergers and acquisitions, music Amoy announced the transformation of the brand electricity supplier.

  electricity supplier industry in the past the biggest problem is the high cost of flow, low margin, homogeneity serious customer loyalty is low, the low rate of repeat purchase. Speaking of many electricity providers, almost no re purchase rate can be talked about, as long as a stop advertising, orders straight down. In essence, the electricity supplier should comply with all the basic laws of Economics: a controlled customer acquisition cost (cost, reasonable flow) gross profit and customer price, good brand loyalty and customer retention (re purchase rate). When the market competition in order to melt into the capital side of the scale of money, so there are 100 yuan purchase of enterprises, wholesale sales of $99 to do business under the line, the bubble can not break it?

                there are always winners in the market. Let us show through the analysis of five modes to get smart entrepreneurs how the success of entrepreneurship, they are how to effectively solve the high flow and low cost, low margin, re purchase rate of these three problems?


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