Required equipment cleaners

would like to invest in their own shop, what can not be sloppy, whether it is the location or investment funds are very important aspects of choice. Of course you want to invest in dry cleaners, dry cleaning equipment to understand the importance of dry cleaners, so investors in the purchase of dry cleaning equipment should also be very cautious, this is not only because of dry cleaning equipment affect the quality of washing, but also because prices are generally more expensive dry cleaning equipment.

so investors in the purchase of dry cleaning equipment to refer to what indicators? UCC International Laundry believes that the following 5 points will allow investors in the purchase of dry cleaning equipment more purposes, more direction.

1, don’t just focus on appearance. Some manufacturers are dedicated to the appearance of the dry cleaning machine, the appearance is an aspect of the purchase of equipment is more important to explore the intrinsic quality and performance.

2, depends on the selection of materials and components. The key components of the dry cleaning machine, should be stainless steel material, which can effectively prevent dry cleaning machine rust. Some of the poor quality of the machine using ordinary carbon steel, only to do a simple brush paint treatment, the use of a year of corrosion and rust, can no longer be used.

3, depending on the mechanical refrigeration equipment parts, pressure control components, electrical components, electrical, inverter, whether the use of the brand or imported brand products.

4, to compare the energy efficiency of similar machines, in order to reduce the cost of operating expenses.

5, as far as possible the use of large manufacturers or brand-name manufacturers of dry cleaning equipment, because such products in terms of quality, after-sales service is relatively more secure.

cleaners need equipment which everybody in the mind all have to understand it, if you join the dry cleaning shop investment what other problems need to know, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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