Clothing stores to avoid what errors

in the market there are many clothing stores, but we also noticed that some of the store’s development is not satisfactory. Join clothing stores, businesses should learn to operate. Store management perfect, mature system, it gives you a better development. Join the clothing store, businesses to understand some business mistakes, to avoid these errors, it brings you greater market. So, clothing stores to avoid what errors?

error 1 discount low

all the price people will want to be able to get a discount price cheaper, but what a pure digital is also a game? I want to sell my clothes 20, 100 for 80 percent off, and 22 for 10 percent off, a look that is still out of sheep wool, with this deceptive way is often misleading many consumers, although this is a marketing strategy for the customers, but it is deceived, when people pursue a lower discount, is often put themselves to set in, especially wholesale.

error 2 quality assurance

low and high prices, which would you choose? Why should the people all know, but can not have both fish and bear’s paw, generally sold are not returnable, consumers bear the risk, more important is the general quality of the cheaper the more vulnerable, high prices, high grade quality assurance of phase, after all really want to expand the business to develop the price of product quality and customer service service to him is complete, and for your own clients, spend 100 dollars to buy a child to wear comfortable clothes, to spend 20 bucks, the child was wearing acerbity urticant compared to believe most of the mummy would choose the former. Of course, if your target group is poor, can only be cheap goods, it is another consideration, all have to be based on the actual situation of the purchase.

error 3 price decision all

as the saying goes, a price goods, if simply believe the price is high, not other things, that the world needs only one of the most expensive shops can be, so anything are divided into various grades and ranks (of course, can’t afford to buy do not consider this a good thing). The cost of natural high profits, unless. Good fabrics, good technology, natural costs will be higher than the average, but also attracted a good customer. Want to buy cheap always want cheaper, the price down is bound to reduce the cost, and then no one would be willing to lose money cheap business. No good cheap goods is not unreasonable.

store business, and some of the details are related, we should pay attention to detail, to avoid misunderstanding. Before operating the clothing store, we should pay attention to the principles of the market, pay attention to the market mistakes, we should be careful management, rational development. Investment clothing store, we hope that the effective management of the store, so that the store continued development, stable development.

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