Analysis of the investment in dry cleaners

market has a lot of dry cleaners, but now people invest in such shops will generally choose new brand projects, the development of new models. So what is the investment cost of the dry cleaners? How much income? Want to know the general situation of the analysis, you can look at, I hope to help you.

/ step method

cleaners into

10 square meters of pavement, shop lease 1000 yuan

to deposit 3000 yuan, plus tax 10 thousand yuan investment in the following

cleaners return

join and company of business cash in accordance with the 46 part divided, the annual income of 20 thousand yuan to 60 thousand yuan.

of such stores location requirements: there should be relatively independent of the pavement; local vehicles; between the two stores at a distance of 1000 meters; there is a certain consumer market near the pavement.

cleaners required equipment and materials


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