Beauty long nose right eye blindness now need to keep the left eye

beauty has the heart, even if the choice of cosmetic surgery must be based on security, the choice of a regular hospital. For small make up feel is not very scary also don’t need plastic surgery, mainly to see temperament, is not! Recently, there is a beautiful woman long nose right eye blindness, is a great regret!

: Tragedy

"blind right eye nose necrosis

it dates back to November 15th last year. In the introduction of a friend, she arrived at Guicheng street lamp West Lake area south of Hongkong new beauty shop ", the operator of the beauty salon for Shen Moulin and Shao Mouhua (handled separately). She spent 6000 yuan to conduct rhinoplasty. YingYing and later learned that this "friend" is a beauty salon yituo.

at this time, Shen Moulin also feel the seriousness of the situation, immediately stop injection, and was sent to the South China Sea confused Yingying hospital rescue. The diagnosis results showed that due to the nerve blockage Yingying hyaluronic acid injection into the bloodstream, cause eye blindness.

in addition to eye blindness, Yingying eye from the previous 1.5, suddenly dropped to about 0.6 to 0.7; the nose part cells necrosis, can only rely on antiphlogistic needle to alleviate the pain. For the treatment of the injured and disfigured, keep the left eye, yingying and mother around the doctor, the exhaustion of savings.

: Trauma

"regret, this life is ruined." Yesterday, she told reporters. The reporter saw, Yingying nose right part has been completely missing, near the nose scar is very clear. Cai Min civil attorney Yingying said that after the tragedy, she has repeatedly thought Dutch act, his father was for her daughter to raise money, mother every day stood by her side, just let her through the hard days. So far, Yingying still need to take antidepressants.

Yingying has filed a civil lawsuit, Shen Moulin and others to claim 600 thousand yuan. The court ruled that the suspension of civil cases, criminal cases to be concluded to restore hearing. Yesterday in the trial, Moulin recommended 34 year old Shen sound

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