Lingyuan butt three platforms to ensure the smooth construction of migrant workers

urban entrepreneurship has entered a mature period of development, a variety of entrepreneurial support policies continue to keep up. However, there are still many deficiencies in rural areas. Lingyuan sound three platform construction, and comprehensively promote the employment of migrant workers entrepreneurship.

perfect business service platform. According to the characteristics of migrant workers in the form of a single business, services and retail business with a small capital based, the establishment of a "small investment, low risk and quick, distinctive" entrepreneurial project repository, free to have the entrepreneurial intention of migrant workers recommended; small loans lower threshold, and break the urban and rural household boundaries, will support the expansion of the object to migrant workers entrepreneurs, migrant workers to solve the problem of shortage of venture capital; the entrepreneurial innovation incubator in Lingyuan city for the majority of migrant workers entrepreneurs to build a business platform, select high-quality migrant workers venture settled entrepreneurial innovation incubator.

Perfect docking services platform. The establishment of domain of export of labor services to work site, post information timely to provide input to migrant workers in the personnel demand; the more concentrated areas, such as Shenyang, Tianjin, Dalian and other places, the establishment of Overseas Migrant Workers Rights Protection Office, to provide employment services for migrant workers; the willingness of training of migrant workers, recommend them to take part in the occupation training, promotion the occupation skills, enhance their employment competitiveness.

once migrant workers migrant workers only to feed their families, in the future they can achieve from poverty to get rich through entrepreneurship, and achieve personal pursuit of life can also drive the economic development of the home, keep up with the pace of development of the whole China final.

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