How to safeguard their rights by fraudulent use of names

hard to take a name, and through continuous ability, let the name in the market’s influence is increasing, however, there are people without their consent to use this name, encountered this kind of thing, how would you handle it? Do you know how to deal with it? The name is fraudulent how to safeguard their rights? Let Xiaobian for your analysis.

state expressly provides that the individual business name and business within the territory of the People’s Republic of China name are subject to protection laws and regulations, no person shall "unauthorized use registered market players names or other violations of the right to the name of market subject behavior, or to bear the corresponding legal responsibility. However, there are still individual operators to use other people have registered in the industrial and commercial registration of the name, causing a lot of trouble.

5 month 1 days, who lives in the village of Yongfeng Zhang wa Zhen Zhanhua County opened a wedding shop, he heard the county home called sun celebration wedding shop business is good, just to name your store is also called "Zhanhua xunri Festival", and making and hanging a plaque. The name is called out, the business is quite prosperous.

soon, Zhanhua sunrise Celebration Service Center Manager Wang heard of this, on July 2nd morning rushed to the scene to see, it is true. On the phone by Zhang, asked him to change the name of the house, Zhang strongly disagree.

due to the two house the same name to Wang in the business to bring a lot of trouble and inconvenience, for example, a friend called Wang said you opened stores in the next depression do not say, really not enough meaning; others call, two is not a celebration of the sun and so on. Helpless, in July 5th, Wang to the county trade and Industry Bureau 12315 complaints center complaint, request the business sector to solve immediately.

after receiving the complaint, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers immediately to the scene to verify and found that Wang reflects the true situation. The investigation of Yongfeng village Zhang Xia wa Zhen opened "Zhanhua xunri celebration" was not registered, belong to unlicensed behavior, and fraudulent use of other people’s legal name. At present, the business sector according to the "unlicensed and banned procedures" and "individual business name registration management measures", ordered the parties to immediately replace Zhang door, and on the implementation of administrative penalties.

so, if you encounter this situation, the law is the best weapon, we should be good at using, will safeguard their rights and interests. Of course, if you want to succeed in a name, the premise has to make clear, not to infringe the rights and interests of other shops.

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