The choice of clothing store store decides success or failure

now opened a clothing store business very much, because the clothing is a never off-season sales of the industry, so for the first time to shop for the choice of stores is a very important and very difficult to solve the problem, decided to choose the clothing store shop success, today Xiaobian together have a look how to store location.

!The most prosperous, not necessarily the best

stores the location of the importance of

if to open an own clothing store, where to start? The store’s location and selection of products is a magic weapon for winning, the two well resolved, store profits more than 70% grasp.

The importance of

This shop


in the site before, we must first determine the customer base is selected. Taking Beijing as an example, if the choice of 18-25 year old women as customers, shop in Xidan than in Dongsi right. Because even though it is a complex

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