Xiamen 7 public space to create a national public space

in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation," the call, a lot of people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, and some entrepreneurs have made remarkable achievements. Recently, the Ministry of science and technology announced the third batch of a space through 839 public record, a product Witkey, all from Aite Xiamen torch hi tech Zone, a Tencent to the public record, he took the public record, only you 3W space, Xiamen Torch – geek space, such as 7 times far view of the public record space on the list, this is Xiamen City, the first national public record space, the city a total of 14 selected.

Based on

technology in various places recommended by the Ministry of science and technology management department, the new model, professional service, outstanding performance, good operating space for the public record audit record, by filing a public record of space will be incorporated into the national science and technology business incubator management system.

Xiamen as China’s coastal cities, the economic development is more rapid, in the road of entrepreneurship development, still play a very important role, is very worthy of recognition. Torch hi tech Zone actively build entrepreneurship and innovation, online and offline, incubation and investment combined with the creation of space. Through the public service station, providing investment and financing, equity trading, legal advice, financial accounting, human resources and other professional incubation services for the entrepreneurial team, to further stimulate the public entrepreneurship, innovation vitality.

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