Leather items to join the list announced

leather items, has been the focus of attention, and now want to invest in leather brand, but do not know how to choose. Which brands are now more investment value? Six leather items recommended to join the big project, so you know the latest market.

1. Scarecrow leather

2. Venus leather

Venus in the discovery of the beauty of your heart, the design concept, the unique Oriental aesthetic and cultural integration of the western romantic aesthetic perfect. Venus leather to join each one has a profound meaning, do the most meaningful bag, making the brand favored in the market. Perfect workmanship, exquisite design, let Venus perfect!

3. rich car leather



"Oulan Shi" brand won China famous brand title, and enjoys a high reputation in the national leather industry, the company pays special attention to the product quality, grasp the details, to create quality, production quality control to perform a full license of international standard.



ruierpu leather goods brand not only with fashionable world even more than by her, the choice of materials, exquisite workmanship, and commitment to quality and price advantage, so that thousands of buyers. Strive for perfection is the purpose of Rilep’s quality, interpretation of fashion is the constant pursuit of Rilep.

6. Kaerbulashi leather

K· Biass; Carle · foras "brand leather goods to the domestic consumer demand as the guidance, from the international advanced design concepts, after seven years of continuous innovation and development, has become the majority of consumer groups like leather brand.

leather market is always a hot topic of concern, especially some brands of leather products, it is very popular. Six leather items to join the project, in the market has a high popularity, I hope you can choose the favorite brand projects.


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