Shenzhou car LED Christmas Book Zhou Hongyi recommended difficult

Christmas and new year’s Day is coming, all kinds of year-end activities have been released. Recently, the Shenzhou car joint units and opened a public celebrity donation activity. For example, the well-known Internet entrepreneur Zhou Hongyi on the recommendation of the "difficult", in addition to all walks of life in different areas of celebrity recommended books.

why hold such public activities? China car relevant responsible person said: "we believe that modern people do not lack of reading, but is that modern people accept fragmented reading too much, too much information. China auto joint Sanlian Bookstore launched the ‘one volume · a car · a year’, please recommend a book, to give you a calm down to read a good book. Whether it is Christmas or other festivals, we believe that the book is the best gift."

these celebrity recommended books and other best seller of the year will be put on the Shenzhou car, for passengers, free to read. It is understood that this event is throughout 2016 public welfare activities, each stage (such as reading day, Valentine’s day, children’s Day etc.) Shenzhou car will work hand in hand with the triple bookstore, continue to offer users a carefully selected books.

"this event is part of the" Shenzhou car service upgrade, safe and comfortable standard "is the basic requirement, Shenzhou car on top of this, we try our best to provide users with more value-added services, bring you better enjoy the car." The person in charge said.

with books, Shenzhou car launched the "2015 of my annual" topic. 2015 is the past, looking back this year, what is the greatest feeling in you? Wu Jinglian said, his annual word is "Qin", diligent, dedicated; Li Yinhe’s annual word is "static", she said, "this year, peace and quiet"; Zhou Hongyi’s annual word is "into", because "Nishuixingzhou Ma Boyong, go"; the annual word is "tired", "heart of his family’s three acres of land"; Zhu Xuedong’s recommendation

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