How to join Shaxian County snacks

Shaxian County snacks nationally renowned, this brand is the Chinese snacks to the world window, joining Shaxian County snacks must be a good choice. Fujian, Shaxian County, China Hotel Association awarded the "hometown of Chinese snacks" title. Since 2003, the county’s annual income from the operating income of the snack industry in Shaxian County reached more than 500 million yuan. Its operations all over the country, and even has opened to the United States, New York, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Shaxian County has become an important pillar of economic development.

to meet around the small entrepreneurs of poverty as soon as possible, to further strengthen the promotion of food culture, Shaxian County people’s government set up headed by the county Party Secretary pool Qiuna promotion office, deputy secretary of the county committee, county magistrate Chen Ruixi as deputy leader, has held a variety of snacks training courses, training students in the provincial and municipal total of up to 17692 people, the United States Training Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and other overseas students 1088 people.

original Shaxian County snacks that retains the characteristics of traditional food culture, is in line with the modern pursuit of consumer demand for nutrition, health, modern advanced kitchen makes the traditional crystal Steamed Pork Dumplings, stew pot, shredded pork, fragrant duck, fried rice, frozen meat burgers, bamboo shoots, Steamed Jiaozi taro cake, taro dumplings and other snacks more characteristics. The preservation of the natural nutrition and food, color, aroma and taste more mellow, fried, fried, fried, steamed, stewed, burning everything, nothing unique taste, smell alcohol, bright color, delicious fragrance thick soup.

join process:

1, investment advisory: investors by telephone, fax, online message, such as the way to the headquarters of the professional investment advisory consulting related matters, access to relevant information.

2, field visits: investors to the headquarters of the project site visits, and business communication with the headquarters staff.

3, qualification: headquarters for investors to review. Confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a contract.

5, pay the cost: investors to choose the type of investment to the headquarters to pay the relevant costs.

6, headquarters training: the headquarters of the arrangements for investors to carry out technical training.

7, store decoration: headquarters for the franchisee to provide decoration guidance, and design guidance.

8, opening: headquarters continued to focus on the franchisee’s business, and to provide operational guidance and help.

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