How to do a good cake shop

catering industry has broad market prospects, and therefore lead to any one of the items in the restaurant is worth everyone choose as entrepreneurial direction, cake shop is a form of this industry. How to run a cake shop? The cake industry has broad prospects for development, the profit space is also great, more and more participants, in the increasingly fierce market competition, in order to cake shop business is hot, need to master certain methods and techniques, so that you can make your long-term profit, gain full of wealth. How to manage a good cake shop?.

positioning quasi feature

currently, there are three ways to do cake business, one is selling cake. This is the minimum amount of capital invested in the form of business, venture capital at 50 thousand yuan, about $20 thousand for store rent and renovation costs, $30 thousand for the purchase and daily expenses. This business model, investors do not need to consider the production of cake, but one thing to note, we must choose the quality assurance, good reputation of the manufacturers purchase, otherwise it will hit their shop signs.

two is selling cakes and selling bread, and selling baked cakes. This form of venture capital is about 80 thousand yuan. In addition to store rent, renovation costs, investors need to purchase their own production equipment, of course, according to the different requirements of manufacturers, you can choose to pay installments or one-time payment. Judging from the current market situation, the price is not very high for the use of shop equipment is baked, the smaller the size of the oven baked between 200-500 yuan.

three is a homegrown building for cake production. This is the largest initial investment in the form of operation, invested more than 300 thousand yuan. In the rent and equipment investment, accounting for about 250 thousand yuan. Suggested that the choice of the type of cake shop operators can be discussed with the lessor quarterly pay, or partnership, reducing the amount of one-time investment on the rent.

to open a shop, the site is the key

no matter what kind of business, the location of the store is very important choice, as the saying goes: to open a shop, site is the key." Famous cake shop siting requirements of "downtown", as Ganso has made it clear to open stores in the city leisure walking street, commercial area, office intensive areas such as downtown area is 80 square meters, can store two room. But for small shops, the rent is too high downtown, so it is recommended to choose a more prosperous residential area, near the school, the rent is more affordable, the place is not too large, there are 30 to 50 square meters is enough.

decoration exquisite temptation

in the shop decoration, famous cake shop will arrange uniform decoration and design, the choice of shops and stores to help store decoration.

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