How to win investment in 6 minutes

the same thing, different practices, different ways to bring the effect is not the same! Do anything to pay attention to methods, a good way to make you get twice the result with half the effort! On the road to entrepreneurship, winning investment is very important, how to win 6 minutes of investment?

1. accounting data. How many customers do you have, and how much is the cost of your client? Expected revenue is how much? What is the free cash flow? If you do not provide these basic financial data, you may have difficulty. As the winner of the KevinO’Leary (SharkTank) of those asked data did not elaborate on the entrepreneur said: "you’re dead."

2. emphasize your experience, background. Many investors want to see your background have the advantage to make sure you don’t make some mistakes with their money. Has been listed in the start-up companies have done leadership advantage. If you do not have these, you can focus on the overall advantages of your team. For example, in the field of industrial experience, management experience in large enterprises or have worked in the start-up companies are plus points…… Looking for investors.

3. understanding of market competition. You have to know how big the market is, who are the main competitors, their market share and what are the advantages you can grab consumers.

4. to be brief. Give a brief account of what your company is doing and what it will be, which will be introduced in 30-60 seconds. Tell it vividly, to show your passion.

5. most venture capital and angel investment companies have a very familiar industry, most of their investment in that area. Look for an investor who is familiar with your industry, you need their professional background, not just money.

6. how much did you vote for?. Investors like "in a boat" entrepreneurs, that is to say, entrepreneurs have their own money into the. When you invest in a company, investors will feel that you are confident in your ideas. "I have a good idea but no money, how much money you give me," said the project statement generally fails.

7. don’t ignore your assets. If your company has a lot of intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, or ownership of software, it’s going to come out. If the cast of yellow, these assets can also be sold to restore some of the losses of investors.

8. demand. How much do you want to finance, in your brain to have a precise figure, before the end of the meeting with investors.

9. how to use the money to have specific plans. How will this help your business grow? Given the exact answer, for example, with this money, I will recruit 50 sales representatives to open up new markets."

10. make objective estimates. Investors tend to be skeptical about hockey stick charts. >

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