Rural entrepreneurship youth electricity supplier achievements of new professional farmers

in the current, the lowest threshold, the widest choice of entrepreneurial channels, electricity providers must be entrepreneurial. Many young people favor the field of Internet electricity supplier, in Guangdong, Xinyi, there are more than 230 rural entrepreneurs began to learn electricity supplier, to open up a new way of thinking for rural entrepreneurship.

2015 in December 17th, Guangdong Province, Xinyi Municipal Committee held a "training of rural electricity supplier in Taobao city occupation technical school, from the city’s 19 towns more than 230 rural young entrepreneurs participated in the training study. Wu Zaiming, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, municipal committee director Zhong Chuanwei, municipal committee deputy director Li Xinqun, Chen Zuxin, Li Xiukun, et al. Department of Liang attended the training activities.

in the training class opening ceremony, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Wu Zaiming made a speech entitled "innovative thinking" achievements of the new occupation farmer class mobilization speech, he encouraged the rural youth to study hard, the innovation and development of thinking, striving to be the new occupation farmer.

the rural youth entrepreneurship training (improve) the main content of the training class is "electronic commerce" common sense, to enhance our city rural youth entrepreneurship entrepreneurial ideas and entrepreneurial ability. Training points, in the afternoon. Morning training courses are taught Zhu Kequan "rural Taobao and electronic commerce application", Yang Yibang on the "farmer cooperatives and family farms standardization construction", He Qibo taught "rural electronic commerce and local marketing". In the afternoon, to participate in the training of personnel electricity supplier internship and teaching interaction, but also listened to Li Zejian’s experience with the development of the Internet market docking cattle industry.

through training and learning, the students have a basic understanding of electronic marketing knowledge, enhance the entrepreneurial innovation consciousness of rural youth. Due to the use of multimedia teaching and real-time operation on the computer, as well as interactive teaching in the field of the form, not only to improve the students’ interest in learning, but also to experience the actual operation ability, vivid image, intuitive operation. Especially Qianpai electricity supplier boss He Qibo introduced nearly two years to use electronic business platform online sales of local, has made significant economic benefits, improve the pertinence of learning, so participants inspired. Many students reflect, through learning, not only opened his eyes, but also opened a new idea of rural entrepreneurship.

towns and streets of the Party committee and government attach great importance to the training activities in this town grow rich sending youth entrepreneurship training object, led by the towns close working committee office, listen to city occupation technical school focused on the "rural Taobao" seminar.

2016 years, there will be more recommended

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