nvestment shop three steps to imitate attack avoid


market is very difficult to find a no rival industry, a street, a neighborhood you will find that there are three or four laundry, five or six stores, seven or eight beauty salon, more than and 10 restaurants, twenty stalls…… No industry without competitors. So, how to set up venture entrepreneurs to win competition? The best strategy is to start planning at the beginning of the study of their own competitiveness and against other competitors strategy.

the first one: imitation

first advantages. Following the competitors to learn the successful model can reduce market risk, but also can reduce the time of exploration. We all know that the entrepreneur’s own lack of experience is very strong, some people say that the failure rate of entrepreneurial shop up to 90%. So to open a "new" a high degree of risk, lack of ability to control it. If you can simulate the basic model of successful competitors, it will avoid many of the initial stages of the risk is not escape.

and disadvantages. Chinese people do business rush, which is inseparable from imitation. When you see a successful business, less than a year, there will be a number of new competitors in the market. So, only the imitation of the fur can accumulate experience, but it is difficult to have a long-term development.

and there’s another problem. That is, in a given market, competitors have been established, to seek the first impression, the latter will only be considered "second" or "imitators"". These latecomers if you can not determine their core competitiveness, it will not be able to fight or rob the first market and business, but also to enhance the competitors first and boss status. Your situation may be awkward.

second strokes:


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