The nternet in Hubei County of Zigui province and employment

now governments to promote entrepreneurship is not only a kind of social slogan, at the same time, it is a mobile Internet era, many local entrepreneurs are the Internet and the combination of employment and entrepreneurship.

A series of preferential policies:

A, connecting the county and township (town), village (community) information network, the establishment of the township (town) of human resources and social security service center, the establishment of village level rural labor transfer service station, timely grasp the county towns within the jurisdiction of labor resource distribution and changes. People at home can always understand the county career, skills training, entrepreneurship and other related policy information, to avoid suffering from the rush, save money and save energy.

Public employment service management information system

implementation of the county public employment service information monitoring and management, statistical analysis and decision system of comprehensive, timely update and employment related information and government information, free of charge for the human resources market supply and demand sides to provide convenient, efficient and quality service.

In fact, in a


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