How to control the risk of Chongqing hot pot noodle shop

food and beverage industry is now booming development, which is convenient and fast food is getting more and more popular in the market, while the Chongqing hot pot rice noodle shop is one of the most popular investment projects. How to open a Chongqing hot pot noodle shop, for the first time entrepreneurs to come, the most important thing is to know how to control the venture.

first, Chongqing hot pot vermicelli to join the headquarters of the higher the greater the chance. The competitive Chongqing hot pot vermicelli joined the brand as a result of the development of a better future, join naturally high demand. But we must understand that the more stringent conditions to join the brand often have a more complete join the system as well as a more powerful financial resources and strength, but the ability to ensure that franchisees profit. Because of this, the more the credibility of the Chongqing hot pot vermicelli to join the brand, select the more stringent checks when joining.

according to the survey, looking for Chongqing to join the shop with a certain Hot pot noodle experience, and a few stores up to a certain size or the development of the headquarters of at least five years, the competitiveness of Chongqing Hot pot noodle brand to join, more security business. Some of the new franchise system, the development of the market itself is not long enough, has not been the experience of the market, consumer spending habits have not yet formed, easy to cause the illusion of a temporary business boom. When choosing a weak chain brand, although you can pay less to gold, but in contrast, the headquarters can have fewer resources and assistance; many things have to rely on stores to take care of their own, naturally weak competitiveness.

two, go to Chongqing Hot pot franchise headquarters "in the field" were many members listen to headquarters or written instructions and other information, hastily signed on, wait until the headquarters to see when there is a dispute, found that headquarters is smaller than its own stores, did not solve the problem of the ability and experience store. Therefore, take a trip to the Chongqing hot pot vermicelli to join the headquarters and its stores, collect first-hand information on the scene, it is necessary.

in the selection of Chongqing hot pot rice vermicelli to join the brand, the prospective owner can ask headquarters to provide relevant information, if you can not provide the headquarters, it is best to reconsider. In addition, the number of stores can be required to provide the existing headquarters and headquarters location, please recommend three and expected values similar stores, must join the Lord after the selection take time to visit negotiate, understand the actual operating situation of Chongqing Hot pot noodle stores really such as general headquarters said, and easy to store the normal operation and what problems occur and should be how to deal with and support from headquarters level.

three, evaluate your finances and direction. On the other hand, the choice of Chongqing Hot pot noodle to join the brand not petty, lose, not because of the small amount of investment, business mentality on cattle grazing. Taiwan Chain Corporation chairman said: if only one join gold and two hundred thousand yuan, many franchisees have to "loss of even" idea; if to join gold, two million yuan, but the operator recommended

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