How to spend the flood season in Liangshan

this year, the domestic rain has been in the next non-stop, a few days ago, a slight reduction of heavy rainfall, the typhoon also rolled soil, so many places once again into the rainy season. So, in the face of the heavy rainfall, Liangshan how to spend the flood season? In order to ensure the safety of the flood season, Liangshan Safety Supervision Bureau "four measures" to pay close attention to flood control work.

one is to further strengthen supervision. Held a meeting on the flood season to make arrangements for the work of production safety, many counties and cities, the relevant departments to carry out research and inspection work, the provincial leadership instructions will be shown to consistently.

recently, the four team leaders, the State Security Committee led by key members of the unit composed of 5 special inspection teams, focusing on supervision of each county Party committee and government, the relevant departments of state, county, Township People’s government department in charge of industry to carry out flood safety work, ensure the safety of the flood season.

two is further compaction responsibility. Conscientiously implement the "CPC Liangshan Committee of Liangshan people’s Government Guiding Opinions on Further Strengthening the supervision and administration of production safety responsibility system construction" (cool Wei FA 2015 No. 9) and "Liangshan Prefecture People’s Government Safety Committee on Further Strengthening the safety production supervision and management responsibility system to implement the views of the construction of the safety committee (" cool "2015 No. 11), the Party leadership responsibility, further compaction regulatory departments responsibility production units, the main responsibility.

implement the "production safety committee of Liangshan Prefecture People’s Government on county leadership changes during the safety production work notice" (cool Safety Committee 2016 No. 9), do safety supervision personnel removed, the guard, to ensure safety supervision work, no job vacancies, to ensure the safety of the work people do, one tube, to ensure that during the change of team is not scattered, not chaos, order work continues, the intensity diminished, and resolutely put an end to change due to make safety supervision work safety supervision work gap, lax phenomenon.

three is to further highlight the focus. The key areas in the regulation of coal and non coal mine tailings, hazardous chemicals and comprehensive supervision in the field of road transportation, water transportation, schools, key construction project site supervision, to take effective measures to strengthen the investigation and management of security risks, to ensure the safety of flood season.

four is further enhanced duty. Give full play to the functions of the office of security, coordination and organization of the close coordination between the members of the security committee, strengthen information sharing, strengthen emergency duty. Strictly implement the responsibility system, improve the production safety emergency and rescue organizations, the event of a disaster or accident, should be promptly launched the emergency plan, so that the organization of strong leadership, timely, adequate rescue supplies and equipment, improve the ability of emergency response and rescue disposal.

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