The quality of an entrepreneur who is more valuable than gold

entrepreneurship on the road, why some people can become outstanding entrepreneurs, and some people can only become a failure of entrepreneurs? According to a survey to understand the success or failure of entrepreneurs often have a great relationship with the quality of entrepreneurs. The next two, we will look at the outstanding entrepreneurs who are more valuable than gold quality.

1. loyalty: standing in the company’s situation, loyal to protect the interests of the company, in the face of temptation to withstand test.

2. dedication – the purpose of the work is not just to pay, provide services beyond pay, willing to make personal sacrifices for work.

3. spontaneous – do not all the people, from "I want to do" to "I want to do", take the initiative to do some "extra" things, first and then say. High requirements: one step, three steps.

4. is responsible – the core of the responsibility lies in the sense of responsibility, to do every little thing. It is absolutely no excuse, let the ball to you, not because of a mistake of negligence.

5. – intentnesses focus on efficiency, dedicated, quantitative daily work, procrastination is the most vicious killer career; pay attention to primary and secondary, become the enemy of efficiency against perfectionism.

6. results oriented – from the beginning to think about how to do things, the way more than the problem, create conditions to complete the task, the first thing to do the right thing, the task is completed more than expected.

7. is good at communication – face to face, to solve on the spot, communication and gossip are two different things, not to say too much is a kind of wrong, with a plan to raise questions, cultivate the emotional intelligence of criticism.

8. – team cooperation in advance, self back drop of water into the sea, people into the team, subject to the overall arrangements, discipline to ensure combat; improper team "short board", more consideration for others, ability to be amplified in the team.

9. aggressive – always keep up with the pace of the enterprise, to the empty cup mentality to learn, to learn, squeeze time to charge, develop their own comparative advantage, challenge themselves.

10. – not only high low-key self-confidence, overcome the "psychological, do not put fine timber to petty use" airs play qualification; give a person a respect, and strive to achieve the goals, achievement is the starting point of honor, for power.

11.: don’t save the boss’s money not money, to be honest not clever, not to waste a piece of paper, not to waste every minute working time; company spent every penny, will receive the maximum benefit under the profit are.

12. be thankful – who is it that made you who you are today? The company gives you the job, the work to give you the opportunity to learn and grow, colleagues to give you cooperation, the customer to help you create results, opponents let you see the distance, the critics make you tend to perfect.

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