Zhang Shanfeng through the four heart service to let the shop business fire

a shop business is hot, not only with the product itself has a great relationship, but also with the owner can provide services are closely linked. In the Shushan District of science on the road, there is a supermarket called a hundred supermarkets, the store has six salespeople, shop called Zhang Shanfeng. From the current development of the store to the current medium-sized supermarkets, Zhang Shanfeng continued to accumulate wealth, but also accumulated a lot of good habits to do business.

"our shop ‘four hearts’ service is our business practices, customer reception to be enthusiastic, customer service should be careful, allowing customers to be sincere, to maintain the customer by the warm heart,’ four heart ‘service is very useful." Zhang Shanfeng said.

students to the customer in the supermarket, the first to feel the passion is the salesperson. "I asked them whether everyone, consumption or not, to store is off, must be smiling, as long as the customer is not in a hurry, to chat with customers, to narrow the distance with customers and develop our sales hospitality, now they each mouth with sweet like." Zhang Shanfeng said proudly.

100 students supermarket salesperson enthusiasm is not only reflected in the said a "hello", "you take care" courtesy, more important is reflected in conversations with customers in respect of customer contact, close to the customer behavior.

"we are different from other supermarkets, the customer asked about the location of the goods, we will personally bring customers to the goods in front, not far from the road. Detailed information on customer inquiries, there are special sales staff for comparative analysis and answers. We note in the cashier is in accordance with the box from top to bottom, from old to new to put to the customer change as much as possible with the new banknotes, these small details now become our sales "jerk" behavior, you don’t need that." Zhang boss said.

hundred supermarket salesperson careful service behavior, inherited the fine habits of the boss has always been a good habit, but also to win a hundred customers supermarket reputation a magic weapon.

erase a fraction, so that customers get real concessions, to give up a little profit at the moment, in exchange for future long-term business, I think it is worth!" Zhang boss said firmly. Zhang boss made a concrete plan for Maling cashier: whether it is the new and old customers, consumption of more than 20 yuan, less than 5 angle fraction erase; more than 40 yuan, 1 yuan less than a fraction of it out. Zhang boss rough calculations, the Maling approaches every month give him less $one thousand or two thousand, which he thought Maling effect. From the canteen to the supermarket now, Zhang boss has always insisted on the habit of wiping zero down, he let others laugh Lili thinner, and he let off more firmly believe.

"for a long time, the old customers in our shop have not lost any money, except for the good service and the benefit

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