Why don’t you open the paint store

Even if the

is running a product of the same, some shops are making full of greedy, and some shops may even the most basic of life is difficult to maintain, so business is also engaged in paint. So, why not open paint shop to make money?

has done a lot of paint business friends often said paint shop does not make money, but sometimes when saying this is true or false, on the one hand, if people know that do paint agent to make money, rushing to dry, the intense competition is not good.

on the other hand, the reason is really did not make any money to paint business? So for second types of paint shop friends, we explore.

we should ask ourselves some questions?

1, paint agent brand quality? The price is good?

A part of the

paint agents to find some of the paint brand is often a problem, customer service service is very troublesome, a lot of customers is a one-time purchase, not what to repeat, paint return compensation trouble, is even more difficult; there is a part of the dealer, to find the paint brand, the price is more expensive, brand shop more, many users have to buy paint inside other stores, customer loyalty is not.

2, do you have to run the market to develop paint distributors?

paint agent, is their own business, business is good or bad influence to the first is our own interests, therefore, efforts to develop distributors, to do business is to paint our own problems; many agents rely on paint paint manufacturer with the clerk to help run the market, but not a salesman month or months to stay there, don’t do it, to open a store in the store such as money?

in fact, the sky will not fall pie. Do business must Qingliqingwei, especially when our business has just started, and we have to try to do business, expand the paint sales channels, management of all aspects of the relationship, do painter relationship marketing, to run the site, often open oil painter meeting and so on; only we do not have the opportunity to do there is no chance, no reason. People will not send you orders.

3, have their own business ideas?

do a lot of paint agents, and some people make money, some people lose money, why is it that God favors him or he usually burn incense? The same is the business, why Li Jiacheng became rich, others did not succeed? In fact, business ideas have a great relationship; we can put this into the paint business? From the beginning of the paint agent, we should think about the way to do business and the direction of development; from the paint business, summed up the

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