What are the rules of nternet cafes location

if you want to think of the Internet entrepreneurs want to operate the Internet bar is very good, one of the first condition is to choose the address. If the entrepreneur can choose a good address to the right operation, will be the financial resources, business is booming.

Internet location rule:

1. area: Internet cafes, the impact of the scope of the effective customer, in the Internet cafes within 3 km of the center. If the surrounding areas without competitors, the scope can be extended to 5 km. Therefore, the choice of a suitable location for Internet cafes, Internet cafes are conducive to the long-term operation and development.


is suitable for Internet business position clear choice, should first consider whether there is sufficient and stable customers or potential customers effective customer coverage, such as near densely populated, or schools, communities, industrial areas and other places. Of course, your competitors will choose a region to operate. So you also need to be more than the Internet cafes in the region, whether you have the conditions to compete with them and other factors into account.

2. location: in determining a good area, it is necessary to find a suitable location for Internet cafes. Although there are "wine is not afraid of deep alley," the old saying, but as far as possible not to choose the location of the lane, the traffic is not convenient and publicity ills tend to affect the entire Internet cafe business performance. Priority should be the convenience of the store, convenient transportation, flow of people. Based on the cost of Internet cafes, you can choose the location of the 2 or 3 floor.

3. business premises: choose a good location, it is necessary to consider the business space required for business premises, and compliance with laws and regulations, as well as how to do the characteristics of the decoration. According to the size of your Internet cafes to determine the size of.


200 Taiwan Internet cafes business area, it is recommended to be more than 500 square meters, as far as possible to set the Internet cafes spacious environment, easy. Make the customer feel comfortable. No depression, so even if the Internet for a long time, it will not feel tired, but there is a relaxed feeling.

4. environmental requirements: excellent in Internet environment, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting and the surrounding environment are required. If some aspects of the business is not suitable, such as ventilation is not good, every day inside the smoke filled, the female customers will not come naturally. If your Internet cafes fresh air, you can surf the Internet, while enjoying the scenery outside the window, and the temperature is appropriate, so that more attractive to the consumer.

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