What are the new ideas for entrepreneurship in 2016

believes that many friends want to do business, what are the new ideas in 2016? You can’t wait to know the answer Today Xiaobian for everyone to sort out a few new ideas for entrepreneurship in 2016, want to start a friend to see it.

2016 new ideas: Children’s furniture store, really for the baby:

2016 years of entrepreneurial new ideas: baby products shop, filled with love baby:

on the market and foreign manufacturers have introduced a variety of new products, such as grinding rod; manufacturers have introduced a cup with a slope; and the baby with the amount of adults only the size of a finger thermometer; overheating display paste is available in hot water pipes, hot water faucet, heating and other overheating dangerous place, when up to a certain temperature, display stick will turn yellow prompt people to be careful; the baby’s nose pump to remove the nose, it is convenient to use; the "wet musical" available in the pants and diaper; and rubber sleeve in a mine on the finger "finger brush teeth"; simulation automatic air inlet nipple, feels as if the mother’s nipple and let the baby feel warm; such as burp pad, to prevent dirty clothes mother baby swallow milk; nursing pillow, can correct the mother feeding posture; double straps, not only to put the baby against the back in front of the chest, can also be positive With the back, most straps can only let the baby sitting in front of her mother’s chest…… All these, let the young parents put it down. Operating baby supplies store, the store should be dressed childish. Baby store decoration is also very important, the goods can be sold by the best model display. Interior decoration is best to blue and light red, in the purchase of baby products, attention to the material to be no stimulation, wash, sweat absorption and easy to wash, etc.. Find a more than and 20 square meters of shops to open a real baby products, will young parents. Novelty, lovely, practical commodity so much, will attract a lot of people to buy.

2016 new ideas: cosmetics shop, small funds still play up:

1) location: near the bus station, near the district; 2) Investment: the initial capital of 500 thousand yuan, the general location of a better store rent of about 200 thousand yuan / year, the purchase cost control in 100 thousand yuan, the best agent for cosmetics with nursing service guidance, a single brand, such as Herborist, you can avoid find purchase channels, advanced equipment and a series of complicated affairs, if you do a single, purchase could first go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to find sources, the first suppliers to explain the situation, each product advanced 1-2 sample >

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