How to attract customers through display

even if the two shops are selling the same products, but if the display is different, the impression is not the same as consumers, the ability to attract customers naturally become an uncertain thing. However, if the job can be done, it can be very easy to attract customers. So how does a convenience store attract customers through its display?

you have not found that the whole family, 7-Eleven, Rosen, these three brand convenience store shelves are always full of Dangdang, but always neat and orderly, looking for what is clear at a glance. Here the first display logic is worth learning and reference.

1. "back" font shop, let customers see what you want to sell the most

a standard convenience store, the use of an area of about 80 to 120 square meters. One thing that is different from the general grocery store is that convenience stores rarely make customers go back. From the entrance to the cashier, has been to the inside of the day with the goods, and then go out, just around the circle.

in this initiative line, the customer will be pushed through the convenience of the owner to promote the end shelf, self-produced goods shelves, revenue accounted for a higher proportion of fresh food products…… Cashier on the side of the door, the door will not open in the middle, so that the customer to go out after the shortest distance. Kanto cooking, steamed buns and other bulk instant food counter close to the cashier, usually next to a cold standby beverage, guide customers to buy together with a drink.

2. center shelf should not be too high, the product put the head light foot weight

shelf height should be taken care of female customers, the central shelf should not be higher than 165 cm, it is best not to exceed the level of 6. At the same time, attention should be paid to the use of the end of the shelf, because this is the golden point of convenience stores, customers in these places to stay the longest time, should be equipped with some of the best-selling products of high margin.

from small to large, light weight is one of the rules of convenience store shelves display merchandise. For example, most of the farmer spring bottled water on the bottom shelf, because the weight of the light from the vision of the foot will indeed have a problem, if it is a small object, placed on the bottom is not easy to see.

convenience store is the primary standard of display, as far as possible to allow customers to see more goods, so you can according to the characteristics of the packaging, in the shelf with hooks, and set the frame". This integration allows different categories of small objects neatly placed together.

3. use the first shelf facing the cash register

this shelf is considered to be the convenience store "prime" – here is the customer must pass through the line, check out the line can not stay here.

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