After 90 students start the nternet will combine chicken and network considerable profits

has seen many Korean TV dramas of the audience should be very familiar with beer and fried chicken, but now in China is set off a burst of beer and fried chicken heatwave, imagine, if the chicken Internet together will produce what kind of situation?

in February 14th this year, a romantic encounter, Guo founder hearts that she found the same girl working in Zhengzhou. Sweet love at the same time, the business has not yet improved, Guo founder even living expenses have become a problem. Girlfriend is very understanding, but Guo is determined not to wait, to do something, I also tried to find some work, can not be very suitable". So he secretly planning their own business.

"drama you come from the stars" in the beer and fried chicken for Guo Fangzheng inspired, "I do chicken welcomed by friends, make a prompt decision: chicken".

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