Only change the world in order to make the value and contribution of entrepreneurs to sublimate

a successful entrepreneur, not only to change their own destiny, you can change the course of the development of the world. Changes in the world’s new industry has been able to continue to appear in Silicon Valley, largely thanks to the Silicon Valley to change the world’s entrepreneurial culture and the culture of the world in this culture of entrepreneurs who have changed the dream.

1976, they’re in the garage designed can fit into a suitcase in the Apple  I, 1980s, apple computer has sold millions of Apple Corp, was known as the architects home computer market.

20 in early 80s, Standford two different department of Computing Center Director Leonardo Sandy and bossag · · Lerner found due to the different respective management network, are not compatible with a variety of devices and protocols, is not conducive to the transmission of information between each other, then, two people developed a support network server all kinds of network protocols, routers. Thus, CISCO rely on the existence of multi protocol router was born. Cisco is the English name of the   San  Francisco’s last 5 letters, CISCO’s icon is San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the founder of the meaning is to build a bridge connecting different networks.

1993 YAHOO’s two founders Yang Zhiyuan and become the Research Institute of Stanford University Filo together students, fascinated by the emerging internet. But at this time the information on the Internet and web sites are chaotic,

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