World Cup top 32 debut of the stay event review of the five

this morning after the Russian goalkeeper Akinfeev butter hand sent to gift 1:1 draw with South Korea, in 2014 32 of the World Cup opener was completed. Say "a good beginning is half of success", the last six days of the 16 "first show", vividly display the charm of the world cup, "Oranje" swept the defending champion, Costa Rica Jiaoju "group of death"…… These allow small partners stunned the event, will become a wonderful memory of the world cup.

after watching the game, you can understand what is "on the night, the enemy within". Never thought, the World Cup opener, Brazil scored 4 goals, the score is 3:1, the first goal of the world cup in Brazil turned out to be an own goal! Marcello was destined to be written to the Brazil football history, because he scored the Brazil team in World Cup history the first own goal, also with epoch-making "own goal" opened a prelude to world cup.

with a "tooth" team also can not escape the "tooth" spell. 0:4! Even if the team star studded, even with C Ronaldo "nuclear weapons", but in the face of "Deutschland", the Portuguese team was crushed. 0:4! How surprising.


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