What are the common promotion marketing methods

What are the

era of market economy cannot do without marketing, you will want to sell products they cannot do without marketing, marketing era, not marketing of the restaurant is a dead end, so how to engage in marketing, will become an important way to expand the business of the restaurant, many companies are engaged in different forms of marketing today. This article is to summarize the restaurant frequently used way.

What are the common marketing methods of


first: advertising

it is now very common practice, no matter what the industry, are very focused on advertising, no advertising, consumers will not know you, this is a very important restaurant with popularity, various media platform is commonly used when people can come into contact with the. This approach allows more people to know your brand, so as to attract the target consumer. Such a way to spend money is very much, the cost will be higher.

second: event

restaurant is also planning a variety of different events to attract media attention, so that more people concerned, so that more people know the company’s products. It is very common for the Guinness world record, of course there are many other specific ways, here is not to elaborate, this event marketing, can use the power of events to spread, planned, a famous battle, or suffer a big.

third: image

a successful enterprise will leave an impression in the minds of people, such as apple phones, such as Lenovo, everyone will have a different impression, there will be a different image. For example, the catering sector Haidilao and Banu, two completely different impression, so a successful catering enterprises will establish their own image, the image of the building is a long process, is not easy, so the restaurant must have the strict plan.

fourth: member

this is also a lot of restaurant owners will use the way, the purpose is to improve customer loyalty, increase customer stickiness, but also to better grasp the changes in the market, and constantly improve the product. Although a lot of restaurant owners also use this method, but because there is no clear understanding of the way, so many are stiff and dead state, did not really activate members.

these methods have their own role and effect, but also have their own shortcomings, catering enterprises should be integrated use of different methods, the use of combination of boxing, to better promote their products.

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