Online shopping market fire fire good choice

if you want to buy food now, what channel would you choose? Is to go to the market? Or go to the supermarket? In the Internet era, many people choose to buy food online. In short, the online shopping market fire, has a huge demand, has become a good choice for entrepreneurship.

ahead of schedule to collect food on time

recently, in the work of Hualin Road, Miss Chen hooked on the Internet to buy food. However, she is not obsessed with the fun of the happy farm network game, but the real deal.

to enter the site, pick a good dish, about the delivery time, online banking payment or face to face payment, and the supermarket." Miss Chen said that online shopping is convenient and time-saving, ahead of schedule, when the good work to buy vegetables to the unit door, directly carry home.

Miss Chen often visit the online supermarket, is known as the home of a hundred safe food store network fresh supermarket. May 18th, the home of a hundred stores in Fuzhou, the last real store drum screen Road branch opened. But in fact, as early as the end of February this year, hundreds of Fu in the store did not complete all points before, began operating network. Li Qihua company official told reporters that the shop has more than and 40 hundred Fu community stores in Fuzhou, five regional distribution, Jinan City Tower, Jinshan network, ordering fresh customers uniform distribution.

reporter saw at Home Fuk ", vegetables, meat, aquatic products and other fresh goods is complete, as well as Shanghang Huai pork, chicken and other animal husbandry Chen Shan local food brand, there is even a fashion of" seckill "zone, a bag of 200g fresh mushroom family pollution-free gold needle mushroom for only 3 yuan.

home hundred million new online shopping transactions, and online shopping is no difference. Customers first registered as a member, you can recharge online shopping card payment, you can also pay cash when delivery. However, unlike in the supermarket to buy with go, online shopping to buy a day in advance booking, second days at the agreed time delivery.

Miss Chen said that the home of a hundred supermarket network opened, she will be registered as a member of the past two months to basically buy food online. Online shopping is the most attractive to me fast and easy." This is also a place for other young people. Who lives in four seasons in northern Lanshan, Mr. Zhang is also home to a hundred stores regulars 54.

Zhang said that he had liked online shopping, when he saw his own community opened a hundred stores, that can buy online food, great joy. "My wife and I go to work early in the morning and come back late at night. Young people, it is convenient to save a map, to say that the summer is coming, the day is too hot to run, online shopping is really good."


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