McDonald’s membership fee to reduce the specific conditions

said the domestic well-known Western restaurant chain, McDonald’s and KFC is believed people are known as global food stores, food and beverage group, if you want to join this restaurant brand, you want to know how many McDonald’s franchise fee? Exactly how to join? What else do you need to join?.

in 2015 China traditional Lunar New Year holiday has not yet ended, a number of Post Bar and friends will be issued in China held many McDonald’s franchise that will be the publicity letter, and as low as 2 million yuan to join the application fee is led to the audience countless.

however, the actual feeling from the group of McDonald’s franchisees may be able to give those eager to cool down. Mr. Wang is a Shanghai McDonald’s stores and franchisees, he in 2014 through the layers of screening and interviews and training for 9 months, finally won the right to operate the store, but business has, in his words, "the 2 million is not enough, this is only strictly 2 million yuan initial investment".

McDonald’s franchise in early 2014 has been the threshold, McDonald’s affiliate fee dropped to 2 million yuan. According to NetEase financial understanding, if you want to apply for an individual to join a McDonald’s store, when applying for an individual to have at least 2 million of the funds or cash equivalents of stocks, bonds, including housing and other realizable assets. After a one-time payment of 2 million yuan, the franchisor will get a McDonald’s restaurant has a right to operate for the past 10 years.

it is understood that after the Spring Festival will be held in more than China McDonald’s franchise that will be all for personal franchise, although compared to 2014, McDonald’s open individual franchise provinces are still concentrated in Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei, Fujian, Shanghai, but the open city has been devolved to the provinces of the 234 line of the city.

Mr. Wang first incoming is from February last year to participate in the franchise that will begin, "very much to the people, it is said that the first week of enrollment attend seminars on the full quota, most people like me are directed at McDonald’s to join such a low cost 2 million fee to join".

now shop opened up, only to find the truth is not as good as imagined. Mr. Wang to the financial NetEase just such an account, enter the store in the actual operation, also need not a small amount of liquidity to ensure store operations, rent, plus utilities, staff salaries, fees and monthly McDonald’s Corp pay franchise fees, fees and advertising promotion fee, the remaining the far less than originally thought.

McDonald’s joined the relevant staff also pointed out to NetEase finance, the applicant will be invested at least 2 million of the funds is the applicant custodian a recommendation

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