How to solve the problem of medical and health products investment

this is a good business, and now has suffered investment bottlenecks, medical health care products are hot products, join the investment should be in one step, but the "false", "money" and other charges once the crown is difficult to remove.

to today, health care investment boom has gradually dispersed, compared with before 2004 dozens of tens of millions of investment products, over a hundred million yuan of the situation, medical health care products companies feel cold current investment, which makes enterprises began to reflect: why business investment is now so difficult?

requirement of enterprise survival and development, investment, as a rapid and low cost to expand the product channel, many enterprises is still is overwhelming. However, 95% of Chinese enterprises are not successful investment! Health industry is regarded as a sunrise industry, there are 100 million investment cost boondoggle each year, nearly 10000 outstanding products and has not listed on the acoustic inverse trace.

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