The fifth session of the Suzhou creative fair college students creative entrepreneurship camp starte

college students can be said to be the most innovative entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of a group of people, young customers always have endless creative. In order to encourage college students to innovate and entrepreneurship, Suzhou creative college students will start a creative camp, showing outstanding entrepreneurial achievements of College students.

fifth Suzhou chuangbo "College Students’ creative entrepreneurship camp started yesterday in the city, and a product sales and the employment of college students set up the bridge for the business"".

survey, currently the enterprises are facing the biggest problem is the problem of product sales, and the college students’ employment problems were most urgent problem of training skills. In order to speed up the development of cultural creative industry in our city, to create a "mass innovation, the business atmosphere, a Fair Organizing Committee decided to integrate the enterprise brand and product resources, combined with the college students’ employment skills training, launched the" College Students’ creative entrepreneurship camp ".

yesterday University Challenge Team Selection Contest kicked off the entire activity. After more than 3 hours of intense competition, a team of 8 finalists, and by lottery, and Suzhou Shanshui silk Co. Ltd, Zhangjiagang Sevenstars science and technology digital image design Co. Ltd and Jiangsu Gaochun ceramic Limited by Share Ltd and other 8 well-known cultural and creative enterprises docking. In the next 4 months, these teams will receive marketing training, will also be through the online + offline sales model, and corporate marketing activities.

record Fair Organizing Committee, University Challenge Team under the line of large-scale marketing activities mainly set 4, respectively is the end of November, December, and March next year and the Expo site, the first event will be held on November 27th – 29 in Shin Kong held a record fair creative market scene.

it is understood that in addition to the 8 local team, there will be 2 team field from Donghua University and other institutions to join the "college students creative entrepreneurship camp". April 22nd – 24, 2009, the fifth session of the exhibition site will be set up a college students’ creative venture camp exclusive exhibition, showing excellent marketing cases and results of each team.

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