Korean Entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurial dreams in China

in the entrepreneurial forces, there are many Chinese people went abroad for gold, the same, there are many foreigners spotted the development of China’s market, in order to their entrepreneurial dream, came to China to fight. Like thousands of local entrepreneurs, they also experienced difficulties.


in the consular work also introduced him to his wife Wu Enzhu, the shy Korean small woman, not much, but people are very enthusiastic, love often taking the time to do some flowers to my colleagues and friends.

this craft is love in her college elective courses, see their pay can exchange each other’s happy, she was very touched, also moved to a return to Guangzhou.

"I should give up in front of stable work, brave chase the dream, or the status quo?" In the pool Zhenggen encouragement, finally decided to resign from the ex consulate work back to South Korea in the European floral school curriculum, a study is two years.

back to China after she started practicing their own dreams, opened a small shop, and her favorite American female artist in painting huge flowers known O ‘Keeffe florist named. Guangzhou has many South Koreans, but the flower is not much, not because there is no market, but the money faster in the business environment, elegant a has been considered a luxury, heart sank to a florist especially.

when the florist, pool Zhenggen half a staff of only three people can only be considered a plus. Business is a little better, simply busy, even stay up zhahua.

But I don’t think I can help Zhenggen

in our work, look Huaguang overflowing, but in the end not easy, at least for the Zhenggen pool was responsible for South Korean expatriates affairs is that 365 days of the year must be state boot 24 hours, often out of the police station and prison, coordination and Korean related affairs or on behalf of the consulate to visit detainees Han Jian

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