Shencanzhijian Penfolds road of entrepreneurship

is not what a terrible physical disability, has such a group of people admire the people in business group, independent entrepreneurs running rich shencanzhijian. Tian hirotada is one of the representatives, let’s take a look at his entrepreneurial story!

"last year loans 15 thousand yuan, bought dozens of lamb, the lamb more than and 100 this spring, have seen income." Bring their own goats in the Shapotou area Xiangshan Xiang Liang Chuan village Tian Guangzhong face covered with a smile. In recent years, a handful of Sichuan village of breeding experience he also keeps the existing large farms.

"small time to go to school to a ditch, I have heart disease, the family is not assured, so the day never went to school. My brother go to school, go home every weekend for me to teach pinyin or simple words, but also taught me to use a dictionary, not words I own dictionary. Then there is a TV, I was watching TV the words on the screen, edge recognition. Now read, I know most of the numbers." Tian said.

for nursing lamb, Tian hirotada put all our energy on the sheep. From the purchase of lamb to reserve forage and feed the sheep, epidemic prevention, clean up the pen…… Every day, Tian hirotada is so busy, and busy, he will completely forget yourself is a disabled person.

"keep a few years the sheep had a little experience, I think you want to make money to expand the scale of farming, if you can expand the scale of support to the two hundred or three hundred sheep, the annual income can reach 100 thousand yuan…… I believe that with their own hands, the day will be better than a year." Speaking of the future, Tian hirotada smiled happily.


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