Open the ice cream shop to pay attention to which two points

a lot of people shop business is a behavior to follow the trend, in the end there is no market, what factors should be paid attention to, are not clear. Lead to the real business shop, either because of fierce competition, or because they do not pay attention to matters, the success rate is greatly reduced. Here, Xiao Bian suggested that if you want to successfully open an ice cream shop, naturally need to pay attention to two points. So, open the ice cream shop to pay attention to which two points? And let us know through a case.

in the first month, Mr. Liu will be their own business in recent years the ice cream shop low-cost transfer to others. And when he opened the ice cream shop: on the one hand but aspiring rented a more than and 30 square meters of pavement, hired two employees, and daring to join an ice cream shop in Nanjing. Mr. Liu 100 thousand yuan investment although not for naught, but his business has never had a thriving. Liu believes that the following two factors led to their failure:

blind site to stay hidden

2007, Mr. Liu has about 100 thousand yuan, in the relatives of the proposal, he decided to invest in Wuhan venture. How to choose what business, he is really a bit puzzled.

At that time coincided with the

February, Mr. Liu passed Hankou Xunlimen cold drink shop near a certain brand of cold drinks, snacks, see inside the display 30 kinds, the heart is not move: why not open such a cold store? Immediately copied the hotline.

the next day, Mr. Liu called the franchise headquarters in Nanjing, said as long as to spend 75 thousand yuan, you can buy a full set of ice cream, cold drinks, food manufacturing equipment, and decoration. Liu saw their model store, I know that a light decoration will spend 15 thousand yuan, I think more cost-effective. Soon, he was not selected in the store case, with Nanjing joining headquarters signed a contract to join.

really went to the election shop, Mr. Liu in the hands of the balance of 25 thousand yuan, not enough in Wuchang, Hankou and other places where the flow of a good rental stalls. He turned to Wuchang, Hankou Avenue, Hanyang Avenue, the liberation of the main road and other sections of the district to find, but has not found him satisfied with the facade. In mid May, when the cold store gold sales have been to, in a hurry, he finally spend at Wuchang Railway Station in the vicinity of a row of small restaurant dish to a more than and 50 square meters of pavement, monthly rent of 2600 yuan.

luxury decoration scare customers

opened, the neighbors do a good job, and Liu’s business is not popular. Although he drinks the main store prices are 5 yuan, than some cold drink shop Wu Luo cheaper one or two cents, but no one to buy. Let >

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