Urban white collar women earning million yuan to finance

white-collar income have high and low, if you are a monthly income of over million female white-collar workers, you should be how to manage to make your life more perfect, or let your finances should be how to maximize the use of your property and appreciation.


] financial analysis


] financial advice

1, stripped from the beginning of a large amount of credit card sales began. Miss the hands of a large amount of credit cards, it is recommended to sell off, to retain a 1-2 line of credit card can be used in emergency situations, it is also easy to control their own excessive consumption.

2, develop a good habit of accounting. For Miss Li, accounting is important, write down every expenditure, to facilitate their own money to see where the money spent, where the money should not be spent, but also can effectively help you control consumption.

3, try to eat at home. Miss Li is happy to live with her parents. The financial planner suggested Miss Li every day to reduce the number of eating out, entertainment, work together with their parents to go home for dinner on time, is beneficial to the health, but also can deepen feelings with their parents, the most important but also the rest of the money.

4, drive as little as possible. Today’s traffic is very convenient, as little as possible to drive, you can walk, take the subway, bus and other means of travel, both low-carbon and environmentally friendly, but also fuel-efficient, there are benefits to health, why not.

5, forced savings. Miss Li in addition to leaving the necessary living expenses, at least 5000 yuan can be left to deposit, or buy monetary fund, the annual yield of about 4%. To save money to 50 thousand yuan, can buy short-term financial products, average yield of about 5%; increase in funds, and can buy higher yielding financial products, such as can buy notes of financial products, the annual yield of 10% or so, through the way of managing money to make money, forcing yourself to save more money. Long term adherence, 100 thousand yuan marriage

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