Look for two yuan purchase channels to get rich

Street countless two stores, easy to attract consumers into the store consumption, unified price, high quality and inexpensive, consumers willing to buy, do not worry about Crazy spending overruns, this is the reason why can store two hot, then two shop purchase what channel?

two dollar stores to choose in the street or school intensive, mainly in order to earn money and women students’ money. These two people are the pursuit of fashion, will buy some useless things. And these two local people flow.

In fact,

90% are from two stores China largest small commodity wholesale market – Yiwu. Since 1982 the founder of small commodities market, after the four move, the Yiwu market nine expansion, the formation of a business area of 2 million 600 thousand square meters, taking a bit more than 5.8 of the market, operating in 43 industries, 1900 categories, more than 40 kinds of commodities.


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