What’s wrong with online recruitment

, are you working? Sure. Did you succeed in applying for a job website?. Which house do you use? Forget…… This is the consistency problem facing all recruitment websites.

because of this, in the recruitment of the year 4 billion 500 million (iResearch Statistics), and the annual compound growth continued to remain at 28% in the industry, has been in the city of the first king of the flag change. Yesterday, or 51JOB, Zhaopin, Chinese talent three points world. In a few days, headhunting, fair, 58 and catch up, even Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung dare openly speaker at the beginning: "Ganji next stage is within two years of the online recruitment revenue to 1 billion 500 million, surpassing 51job, completely change the Chinese online recruitment industry market structure."

a few days later, as Crowdsourcing with salt derived from everyone headhunting, 3W coffee out of the pull hook net has announced $5 million financing and millions, hit a piece of the sky in their respective fields, seems completely disregard the elderly has long been listed feelings.

all this seems to be breaking the Internet’s so-called 7-2-1 law, that is, the industry Top2, according to 70% and 20% of the market, and the remaining 10% were divided by the remaining companies.

, what’s wrong with them,


company failed to form a firewall, the new incoming Shirupozhu, why


first put recruitment into advertising rather than service. From a number of online recruitment of listed companies can see, usually its revenue structure, Banner advertising accounted for 40-50% ratio, download resume accounted for 30% of the proportion, RPO, that is, human resources outsourcing accounted for about 20% of the remaining space. This should allow recruiters and candidates enjoy the services of both the process and become a pure trading position, the user experience on the violation and that everyone can feel.

secondly, the product stickiness is poor, and the user has low degree of repeated access. Recruitment is a low frequency demand at the user end, so it is difficult to form user stickiness. In the recruitment side, is high frequency demand, but the current batch of resume and advertising model, it is difficult to recruit side monopoly, but some reduce recruitment side cost of products in the popular. This aspect is very good Linkedin mode complete the user stickiness, the recruitment website (or recruitment website) the historical task, the social occupation joined them, formed the historical accumulation of user behavior, this point, the domestic do very hard, we talk about the next section.

finally has no sense of identity with the platform. The recruitment is not Like attracts like., but for the user, whether it is Birds of a feather flock together., go to the market or 58 51JOB, or hook, catch mice is a good cat. At this point, 58 and go to the market in social services breakthrough, what security, front desk, sales, assistants and so on, but this point, according to Ganji said, has helped it get a monthly income of 80 million. Pull hook, is to make a difference in technology segmentation, some social media marketing, whether the so-called ">

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