Scholar boss build local portal easy access to the first investment cheats

these days to see their long years of student temperament boss, busy bee, he operated a Dongxihu hotline received its first 1 million 200 thousand investment, the investor is his hotel’s relatives and his relatives and friends circle. The office should be moved to the government office of the West Lake District. The staff should be expanded. How can he not be busy?.

, my first batch of programmers who came in, had also done local websites before, because several websites were built at the same time, and there was no money and finally failed to hold on. Now the boss MBA just graduated, a face of scholar temperament, family conditions in general, do things very single-minded, the site is also a matter of investment sooner or later. Now I will tell you how to get your first investment from the webmaster of the local portal website.

first, it’s important to choose places,

Dongxihu hotline is a new web site was established in 2010, mainly in Dongxihu District of Wuhan City local site, Dongxihu District is in the suburb of Wuhan City, real estate, transportation, commercial development, consumption ability is high, the network coverage rate is very high, the enterprises in the area, 32 Chinese 500 strong enterprises, residents wages high income. I probably circle around the Google map. The urban area of the East and West Lakes area is more than that of most of the three tier cities in Hubei Province, such as Huanggang, Huangshi, Xiaogan and Ezhou, which we know well. Choosing a place is important, but it’s more important to describe a city to its investors.

second, take part in the webmaster party,

webmaster party not only is a good place to share technology and experience, but also a good place for investment, my boss took me several times Owners Association, he said: the owners will like a small investment and financing of small and medium investors would often visit the exhibition, for the project, because smart people know 3158, and believe that this kind of website can make investors believe this world rich as ghosts. Investment sites yield much more than investment properties.

third, looking for relatives and friends around you,

Dongxihu is in the service hotline Dongxihu place website, many local real estate, hotel, wedding, computer, decoration company, now under the fierce competition in seeking a breakthrough point, you do business to see if there is no relatives or friends, he is not investment does not matter, he has his business friends. This is better than you go aimlessly to find more good medicine.

fourth, action is the key,


have the law, understand the law, you’re on your own, action ability is the key.

late at night, wrote this, I hope to run the local gateway friends, learn more about my boss, do not go to my footsteps, I wish you all the business booming.

evening of April 15, 2010, Dongxihu hotline ( small Guo Wen reprinted, must mark

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