The celebrity quality rice network Chaozuo against small Adsense difficult venture

Ms. Wang Lifen youmi online line just a few days time let the Internet open the pot, the reason is very simple in the sale of Shi Yuzhu she. That’s loud enough. Everybody knows who Shi Yuzhu is. It’s not easy to take his time as a gimmick. This is the use of Ms. Wang Lifen’s own resources. She used to be the host of CCTV’s "win in China". The title is big enough. In the process, she has worked with many famous people, and naturally she has many. With these huge resources with today’s quality rice network celebrity promotion effect. But I want to say that the Internet has nothing to do with gimmicks,


we are not found in the network of beauty and purify the network culture, but the use of the network in the manufacture of endless gimmick, make some legal blank gimmick, let more people every day thinking about how to create a gimmick worn scalp to the famous, famous for what gimmicks are doing, such as "Shoushou" the use of human weakness speculation do the stunts, finally succeeded hasn’t been legal, personally think it is kind of sad, loopholes. What’s the good for our next generation, in addition to illusory or illusory?. The whole network is to create a gimmick tool, Ms. Wang Lifen is the same quality rice network website itself what? What are not, just behind the illusory password of celebrity success, the people want to know the password, the password all want to open the door to success. While its itself does not teach people how to steady progress, just let you see success stories celebrity, celebrity look at the success of the first bitter. These are the old story, everyone is the same, you are successful you Losers are always in the wrong., then even if it is on the side of the road picking shit, your story will fail if you known to every family, then you how scenery, they will tell you the past is gone.

as a weak group in our webmaster is the entire Internet contributor and organizer, most of our website webmaster want to do better, we have no celebrity, no sufficient funds, there are only over time and dedication. It’s really hard for us to find a successful gimmick, and my sister’s success is one. But a few Goojje? As our webmaster how to go? Celebrities to seize the market, they have meat to eat but also to grab our small webmaster Rice porridge eat, and may make law enforcement confiscated our jobs. A simple small station many times in a big city small traders, affecting the city’s image, we have no contribution to the city in their eyesight is, what they need is the Senior store to add the color of the city, and now the network is just the Internet celebrity store. The result of this is the increase of franchised stores, the disappearance of small traders and the high price of franchised stores. Ordinary customers can not afford to buy them. They only have to look outside or visit them, but they do not buy them. Detrimental to urban development is naturally detrimental to the development of the internet.

celebrities, please do your job, do not think about it all the time, one is out, and everywhere grab people’s rice bowl, take your theory of bullying people, you a word, the stock market can rise or fall, you >!

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