This is the live camera system Youxian waves wolf

these two days about the website to record, the topic that photographs on the spot is discussed again. Compared with the previous theoretical discussion, now is the "May 12th message, learned from the domestic web access providers, site record pictures work has already begun the formal implementation stage", do not know after all said this "formal implementation" will be implemented to what extent, the majority of people are still waiting to see, not too fond of the policy.

photographed the scene system no mass base, difficult to execute.

scene photography system is not optimistic about the proposed one, IT people have written, expressed dissatisfaction and not reliable. The Internet is a virtual platform for online communication, and can not be controlled and restricted by traditional management. The camera system does not take into account the characteristics of the Internet open, real-time, virtual, while photographing the scene to ensure the authenticity of the webmaster information in a certain extent, but also consumes huge resources, is not a feasible solution. Scene photography system has been excluded from the proposed, and this time re proposed, and "begin the formal implementation phase", I do not know whether it is under coercion.

strengthening the supervision of the Internet is a good thing, we all actively support and appropriate, but the supervision should be implemented through a viable program. From the second half of 2009, the network rectification movement has been so far, the measures are not too satisfactory, and the achievements after remediation are not very significant. Although the photos taken at this time have come to the stage of formal implementation, there are still a few of them. In a poll in the Admin5 forum "camera system and stir up the scene, you had photographed the scene?", 27 people voted in no one after another 16 people said, "if you really want to live pictures, not a web site". Pictures of the original intention of the policy makers is good, in order to better monitor and maintain the network environment, but the way is not very satisfactory, the system may not perform the scene photos.

purifying the network environment requires a long-term and effective monitoring mechanism.

if you use the stock market to describe China’s Internet, then, the second half of 09 years to now is the Internet bear market, policy uncertainty, remediation campaign has continued until now. The Internet, the lack of long-term stability of the policy, the policy of inconstant in policy. For example,.CN domain name, personal registration, from 1 yuan spread to prohibit individuals registered CN domain name, to open the personal CN domain name registration, to April this year, "CN domain names below 10 million and 3 months by nearly 4 million, most of the people have lost confidence in the domain of CN. CN domain name high-profile launch, get the media hype, a lot of preferential policies will also be introduced, in order to support the development of CN domain name, many people have registration. But then policy adjustments, many CN domain owners are injured, so they have abandoned CN domain name and go. The policy changes too quickly.

has no manners, no Cheng Fangyuan, but regulation requires a reasonable means. China’s Internet hasn’t been stable yet

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