Website operation user experience is the core of website optimization


in the beginning before we take a look at one of our daily life often to see the scene, if one day we have a day of shopping in a supermarket, the first instant when you go to the supermarket, you as the customer first will focus on what? If you are the boss, you what you will want to show consumers in the first time? If you are a supermarket owner, I think you should do now is to stand on your consumer’s point of view to consider the issue, rather than purely to sell and sell things.

as webmaster, we should realize from this scene to the site operation of the key road, indeed, this is the site operations in a crucial part: visitors experience. Well, today I will focus on how to operate our site for our visitors a little more.

1, visitors experience Optimization: facade decoration

is the so-called: "people rely on clothes, the Buddha by gold, then beauty without a good packaging can only be reduced to like Zhaojun. Have you noticed that in real life as consumers we love to some decoration neat store to buy things, in addition to smart stores can make us relaxed and happy, there is another important reason is that we tend to think that these neat beautiful decoration stores tend to be more authoritative and more trustworthy. The same applies to our site, a neat and beautiful facade that often gives visitors a more comfortable access environment and allows visitors to trust our site more.

2: visitors experience Optimization: site connotation

connotation is like a person’s inner beauty, even if a person has in the delicate external, if there is no connotation, is also a pair of empty skins. Defining the content to our site, we can see it as a content information of a website. The definition of quality content of the author is to really give our visitors bring help and can bring the reputation effect, you agree? The simple example, such as our site has a column, which is all about maternal knowledge, if you see a soon to be upgraded when visitors can solve their own mother doubts, so when the next time their relatives and friends have the same problem, a visitor can well help us to benefit reputation.

3, visitor experience Optimization: regular maintenance of

when we will often be elders taught to develop a good habit, in fact, not only is our daily life, for the operation of the site to develop a good habit is also very good.

The operation of

website is not a matter of 32 days, and it needs persistent insistence. Often many webmaster know, do SEO to persevere, such as to insist on every day hair chain, insist on doing data analysis every day, and so on. In fact, the optimization of visitor experience also requires us to persevere

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