Website promotion does not go the ordinary way

said website promotion, website optimization, presumably there are a lot of experts here. I’ll stop talking about that, and here I’m going to talk about some of the little tricks I’ve used". Look, it is small, the role is not small, the so-called sparrow is small, five organs fear all. Ha ha, far away.

is also true in life, some unusual methods, some small smart can often win. Do website promotion, SEOer also can use these small trick, make oneself website shines bright ray. When I was learning to build a website, I didn’t understand anything, let alone optimize it. I went to the related training courses and studied the knowledge systematically. But the training course is also talking about some of the most basic knowledge, in order to really learn the true skills, relying on their own understanding of the ability. Ideas can be pointed out, but the method must be their own pondering out. There is a saying that is very appropriate: Master led the door, practice in the individual.

in fact, SEO has many ways, everyone uses different methods, but they are effective methods. My usual method is: blog + Forum combined therapy". Everyone knows: blog is free resources, not only free, but the role is not small. Blog gateway station has a large area, whether from traffic or from the weight in terms of resources are There is nothing comparable to this. Some blogs have links in functionality, and we can use them directly to add to the chain. Of course, if you want to achieve results, still need some time, and more popular topics and posts, leaving footprints. Let spiders know you, become your "friend", detailed method will not say more. Some blogs don’t have links, and it doesn’t matter. We can do it in other ways. As long as you can leave your link on the home page, it’s OK. Do not underestimate the power of the blog, oh, for new sites, 100 pilot lark, within two days guaranteed included. For the old station, not only increased the chain, for the promotion of traffic is also a great help.

blog here, I focus on talking about the forum, the forum can be described as the accumulation of traffic treasure, can properly use this resource, you can be described as "unlimited traffic", "unlimited money" ah. The bubble forum that I say here is not the kind that sees a post to go back, that kind of method can’t play what role. I have touched several experts, including a "beauty webmaster", it is earned pots full bowl full. She did is guest, she knows a lot about clothing, collocation is master. She used her advantage to keep a steady stream of traffic flowing into her website and letting a steady stream of money slip into her pockets. She built the station, on several big female forums". Of course, her success with her diligence and love is inseparable, in the women’s forum, her fans gathered, because her article (clothing collocation skill) by the vast number of friends praise is also counted on the forum’s reds. Each of her articles is written by herself, with beautiful pictures. It is tempting to the limit, so it was "seduce" come in, every beauty of women will produce >!

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