WEB2 0 era Baidu acts as scavenger personal webmaster need to be vigilant standardized management

recent rumors, Baidu "Crazy", and constantly K station, regardless of size, old and young subjects. I am worried about 7 years of painstaking efforts to destroy the station site also suffered the disaster! So I’m in the middle of the night or around the doctor, finally in accidental circumstances, I found an address. Baidu Adsense service mentioned in Web2.0 wiki trash detailed walkthrough.

As everyone knows

Baidu is the world’s most understand Chinese "search engine, then caused the majority of owners were" who is the culprit of the disaster "? I carefully read, suddenly.

because many webmaster lazy, and many professional Adsense purpose, resulting in a large number of pseudo repetition of the network (we are called pseudo original). So Baidu is targeting this,


article mentions: "content that does not correspond with the theme of the website or forum section".


group is usually a large area of the mass content, in most cases do not pay attention to the site and the forum theme, sometimes we will see "XXX hospital vitiligo treatment effect" of the content in the video site, will find false telephone carriers in the cosmetics forum, will find the goods in the music website promotion information (of course not sell CD) and so on. For these topics, a clear site or forum, the significance of cleaning up garbage content is not only to ensure that the site experience, but also from its own development considerations, maintaining customer loyalty, improve the core competitiveness of things.

can I understand: when you this website with the column title keyword and title and content matching is too low, Baidu will judge you as "spam" can also be understood as repeated information. (at the same time should search for the same title, in the database, or manslaughter rate is too high. There is a good way), we are the working principle of search engine to solve the problem is not the analysis of Baidu.

we pass this one Baidu provided does not match the content, you can check, K webmaster if you do not have your forum or website, there are people in your site on a large scale pseudo original, and the low depth pseudo original, causes you to the weight dropped even by the K. Here’s a summary: "time management, more original!" this sentence will never go out of fashion.

2, forum Baidu code

is characterized by interactivity, and members can not guess if you want to say, then how to prevent the forum will have "spam" appear?.

Baidu here also gave us the idea, but I think it hurts. Some of them are very painful. I list them for Admin5’s friends,

2) is the content interval too short – is it because I’m short of words that you have the heart to K me?


3) most of the content released is very similar – hopefully most of this is really the bulk of it

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