Security antivirus forum Apocalypse it’s never too late for a website to change

have a hero complex in the hearts of everyone, so to see the warrior arm of the scene in the movie, it is easy to admire the courage. In the occasional opportunity to do the webmaster of the website. But at that time, I knew nothing about the website and made a lot of ridiculous moves. Specifically, in order to attract a user, you can set up a forum column for him. If you don’t believe it, you can go to the security antivirus forum now and leave a lot of traces on it. This could be a problem for a new station owner,


because at that time "navigation forum" the website layout is very chaotic, the website does not have its own primary and secondary, when propaganda website, does not know how should propagandize own website.

one thing that leads to web transformation. Because I had very little circle of friends will install the system, computer security is at a loss, the use of anti-virus software to spend money, to me for a variety of anti-virus software license code: rising, Kingsoft, the main domestic and foreign Jiangmin; mainly include Kabasiji, NOD32, Norton Antivirus, destroyer antivirus software, Rising Antivirus so, in order to provide them with convenient, save yourself to their transfer authorization code, also teaches the method and steps of how to install or replace the antivirus software authorization code to them, I will follow the installation or replacement of the actual situation of their writing and editing related articles.

because the forum name at that time is called "navigation forum", the purpose is not clear, the subject is not clear-cut. The forum will not exceed 120 IP a day, basically on its own and some friends on top of it, IP.


because there is no traffic, so a hard hearted, think of yourself with it, do not ask what the flow, in order to provide a more striking domestic and foreign well-known antivirus software authorization code to a friend, I simply put the site name changed to "Security Forum (". The main purpose of this is to tell some of my best friends. If I’m not on the Internet, they have any problems, you can go directly to the security antivirus forums to leave a message for me, I will answer them online after the internet. This inadvertent adjustment has made my website traffic soar. May be the subject of a clear reason, there are many users to the security antivirus forum to me about the use of antivirus software, antivirus software, authorization code and so on. There are also many users continue to contribute their antivirus software license code, and answer each other’s own questions. The interactive nature of the forum has also been very good performance.

seriously summed up the success of the security antivirus forum, I think the following should be inspired:

1, from the security antivirus forums, the site transformation is never late,

here, the website transformation is only the theme content adjustment of the website. For example, the original "navigation forum" shows the emotional aspects, website production, website promotion, music, film and television, social life, novels and so on, so it is very complex. There is nothing we seek, but there is nothing. For >

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