Space merchants unlimited traffic means and lies

now many space providers say they sell space without limiting traffic. Some of the space providers marked with how much traffic are restricted each month are considered stingy and informal. This is a big mistake.

space providers say unlimited traffic, but it does not say unlimited bandwidth, who does not limit, equal to anyone who limits.

on many IDC service providers on the site, often stated: do not limit traffic. The man looked so angry that he wanted to buy it at once. In fact, to make it clear that traffic is not equal to bandwidth, does not limit traffic, does not mean unlimited bandwidth.

is like saying that a tap doesn’t limit the flow, but it limits the flow rate. The tap taps only a thin thread. Although it doesn’t limit the flow rate, it also leaves a jar of water for an hour. Unlimited traffic on the space merchant website, and this is also a word game. There are also clearly stated: we not only do not limit traffic, but also does not limit bandwidth, listening to very powerful, and think that the server is how much G exclusive. In fact, there are people behind the sentence: I do not limit you, nor limit others! Well, is all nonsense, no limit, then a cabinet several machines are downloaded, eventually we slow as a cow, you go to the trustee theory, people going: no way, I don’t limit your traffic and bandwidth, also cannot limit other traffic and bandwidth, bandwidth so much, one machine is good, grab more, who is, I can’t limit.

doesn’t limit traffic. It’s the scariest one, probably the slowest. If you don’t understand me, for example, for example, at the crossroads, generally there will be traffic lights, for the two road, it is limited, but it is limited to this to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, you can safely cross the road. But if you feel that red light is a waste of time, the traffic department gave it away, so it was a wall up, when you cross the road speed than the red light time is long, sometimes, often do not limit but limited.

so, if you feel like your website is forcing people to visit tens of thousands of people each day, or you’re going to do the download and the movie, the video station, and the guest, or rent an independent server. I QQ:3535448, welcome to exchange.

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