Webmaster share WeChat public number god how to develop

a new platform is bound to produce an emerging industry. WeChat’s boom will, to some extent, lead to other industries, such as training, such as from the media. The prosperity of these products, in fact, proved in some sense WeChat’s good use of traffic. In fact, from the media, we will not be unfamiliar, all day micro-blog broke from the media earnings data, I think it will certainly stimulate some of the webmaster’s golden dream. But I don’t think everyone has a good standard for how the public numbers operate. Will it just be filled with blood to get paid back? WeChat official data is gorgeous, but take a closer look, we also know that there is a lot of moisture. How many people have the content is of high quality, how many people really have people looking at, like shopping plaza shops, but there is no trading volume in vain. Such a simple truth, I think we must all understand.

then, how can you really run an effective public number and improve your influence in a particular circle? Share some of your views here.


WeChat public will need time and energy to take care of it. Read a lot of friends, carrying a dream to do public accounts, but often can not adhere to two months to give up. The reason for this is nothing more than a succession of ideas and a means of profit. Facing these friends who give up, I want to say, perhaps persist, you can succeed. We are all grass roots. We don’t have the ideal flow channel. We want people to know and care about us. We have no choice but to maintain efficient content creation. You might say that promotion saves a lot of costs. In fact, what I want to say is that without content, any promotion is equivalent to suicide. We need to present our best to others, not to be famous. You let people know that if you don’t keep up the quality, you won’t be able to promote it. Understand the diary as we all know, he didn’t do something to write promotion at that time, pure natural flow, Lou song song everyone familiar with, at first no one knew him, by review of extension threw yourself out, but you can say he entirely by this success? Look at him a few years like a day the day is full of passion to help novice, is behind the success of many times alone pay. I think there will be a different mood if you really understand this and then go to the public number.

is almost critical of quality. Since the media is selling content, how to let users have confidence in themselves, and then pay for their services, all of which need to escort quality. The public, sometimes it is necessary to get rid of restraint, their words and deeds, not wild talk, the content of communication really valuable to the audience. At this point, the key is that we have a good positioning for the WeChat public. Of course, this is entirely different from person to person, but there is also no lack of professional knowledge and promotional skills to guide fans from the front. High quality is sure to be enjoyed by some people, so what kind of demand should be made for what kind of people?. For a simple example, "walking notes" is a setting up

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